Why More Americans are Starting to Watch Soccer – Part 2

Times are changing in America, at least as far as soccer is concerned. More and more Americans are taking to soccer as their number one sport. There are many reasons for this such as immigration and the influx of expats, but it is the youth of America that seem to have embraced soccer the most.

Forty of fifty years ago you would have been hard put to try and find a soccer pitch and goals on a school or college campus. But physical education professionals have fallen in love with soccer as a great way to get young people participating in sport, be they boys or girls or tall or short.

Football is a great leveler, you don’t need expensive protective equipment and can be played virtually anywhere with any amount of players. So, in the last three decades or so, there is a whole new breed of Americans that have never known an America without soccer. Soccer also has great affiliations with private life and business, and many Americans seem to have latched on to this as a reason why they love watching and playing soccer so much.

Learning the Rules

As a novice, soccer seems so easy to play and understand. And for a great many of youngsters this is true, it is just a matter of scoring in the opposition goal. The smaller forms of soccer such as five-a-side, or seven-a-side do not implement the same rules as the big version. However, soccer does have some very difficult nuances such as the offside rule, which even the most fanatical soccer fan would be hard put to explain. And the life lesson to be learned from this is that by learning all the rules it can give you an advantage over your adversaries.

Play till the Final Whistle

Soccer compared to many sports is a fairly low scoring game, often just one goal can win a match, and as a famous football manager once said, it only takes a second to score a goal. This is one of the reasons why soccer is loved so much, a team is never defeated until the very final whistle is blown. Most soccer matches come down to the wire, and it is common that a really big team can lose to a rather minor one. In life this teaches us to never give up, and to keep on trying to the best of your ability to the very end.

It also encourages the people who fail to try harder, and to do their very best, and who knows what the outcome may be. Many Americans have seen that soccer reflects so many life lessons, more so than any other American sport and that is why they are swapping their allegiances to the beautiful game.

There are many reasons that soccer is becoming so popular in America, and the numbers of people both playing and watching the sport are undeniably getting bigger. Perhaps in another fifty years or so it may become the most watched sport in America.