The Most Passionate Football Fans in the World – Part 2

Trying to determine which fans are the most passionate football supporters in the world it is no surprise that most teams that appear in our list come from cities and countries that are passionate about football. There are certain cities that hold derby matches between clubs that are based in the same locality, and countries that most of the population supports one team.

There are other teams that play in the same country that represent their region, and the hostility that arises from regional hatred is bought out by the supporters of the football teams. The biggest example being in Spain with Real Madrid and Barcelona. Here are some of the best supported clubs in the world, that have some of the most passionate fans.

Flamengo – Brazil

Any team that plays in front of one hundred and fifty thousand fans must have the capacity to really intimidate their opponents. And that is exactly what Flamengo enjoy, their Maracana stadium is one of the true cathedrals of football in the world. It should be noted that the stadium capacity has been somewhat reduced, but Flamengo is truly an internationally supported team, they have official supporters’ clubs in, Japan, China, Europe, Middle East, Canada, Africa, Argentina, and Mexico. Playing in Rio de Janerio, they share supporters with three other teams in the same city. This does not seem to diminish their fan base one iota, and their fans are famous for their fanatical support.

Al-Ahly SC – Egypt

Al-Ahly SC is by far Africa’s most supported football team. It is estimated that just in Egypt they have over fifty million supporters. They were also the first ever African team that adopted the radical Ultras fans ideology, and the seventy-five thousand fans that cram into the Cairo Stadium certainly make a great deal of noise. FIFA also recognize Al-Ahly as the most successful football club in the world as they have won an amazing one hundred and thirty official trophies. There is no doubt that this club and their supporters deserve to be on our list.

River Plate – Argentina

In the whole of South America, River Plate is one of the best known and loved teams. But their fans have a rather dubious reputation as being very dangerous, they regularly have altercations with their competitors and have been known to cause riots and severe public disorder.

Unusually most football fans have trouble with visiting away supporters, but the different Ultra factions that support River Plate regularly clash against each other. This all came to a climax in 2007, when a vicious knife and gun fight in the stadium took place before the game. The altercation was all over who could stand where in the ground and for the bragging rights over which was the top Ultra faction of River Plate, and by defacto the most loyal supporters.

Certainly, the River Plate fans have their radical side, but when they come as one to support their team, they are amazing. The clubs and supporters we have looked at are among the most elite in the world, and with such passionate supporters it is easy to see why certain teams have such a huge advantage over their rivals.