The Most Passionate Football Fans in the World – Part 1

Trying to decide which football club has the most passionate fans is a bit like trying to name your favorite song of all time. There are so many factors that you have to consider, it is not just a case of the club with the most fans, as smaller clubs can also have a crazed fan base. Perhaps it is the away support, or social media presence. Some people judge club support by the number of shirts sold, or home attendance records. We have put all these factors into the melting pot when trying to decide which are the most passionate football fans in the world and have come up with some answers.

Boca Junior – Argentina

Most South American football fans are passionate about their clubs, but non more so than the great Argentinian club, Boca Junior. It is one of the greatest football clubs in the world, and its fans have a reputation to match the team. It is estimated that just under half of all Argentinians support Boca Junior, and when the home fans get inside the La Bombonera stadium, they produce a noise which is one of the most intimidating in world football. The die-hard supporters are known as La Doce (12th man), and spend their life dedicated to their team.

Celtic – Scotland

Celtic Football Club is not just a sporting institution, it is a way of life, a religious statement that divides the hoops from the fiercest rivals in the same city, Glasgow Rangers. The stadium, Celtic Park, has a reputation as a cauldron of intimidation that can affect even the most senior of players. The great Lionel Messi once commented on Celtic Park as the best atmosphere of any football ground that he has ever played in. And coming from the maestro himself this is no small accolade. The big occasions are few and far between now for Celtic, but when they do arrive the Celtic fans are ready to support their team.

Napoli – Italy

We turn our attention to Italy, and the great old city of Naples. Unlike the other powerhouses of Italian football in Milan and Rome, Naples only has one team. So Napoli represents the whole of Naples and what cultural and historical ideals are behind this southern area of Italy. Known as the Partenopei, Napoli play at the Stadio San Paolo which has a capacity of sixty thousand fans. And even in the club’s dark days in the mid-2000’s when they were relegated to the third tier of Italian football, they still had an average home attendance of over fifty thousand fanatical fans.

Club America – Mexico

Club America are the most supported team in the whole of Mexico, and it is estimated that their domestic support is around fifty million people. They are also supported by many fans in Asia making them a truly internationally supported club. They are by far the most successful club in Mexico, and their intimidating stadium, the famous Azteca Stadium is still one of the largest football stadiums in the world, accommodating over a hundred thousand fans. Interestingly they are also the most hated club in Mexico, by nearly every fan who does not support them, which spurs on their home fans to be hostile to any team that plays against Club America.