Interesting Football Facts

Football is loved and played all over the world, and there have been many myths and stories told about the beautiful game it is hard to tell truth from fiction. So we have decided to put together some interesting facts about football that may dismiss some of the fibs you have heard.

Football was Invented by the Chinese

Everybody considers that football was invented in Great Britain, but apparently this is not the case, and it was first played in China in 466 B.C. Whether the game represented anything like modern football is anybody’s guess, but it is hard to argue with the record books.

Football is the Global Sport

Football is now recognized as the most popular sport on the planet. More people play and watch football than any other sport in the world. Its popularity can be seen on billions of TV’s every day where matches are screened to all four corners of the globe.

Football or Soccer?

Only in North America is football called soccer. The Americans and the Canadians are both confused and decided to call football by another name. So leave the North American’s to call football whatever they want and the rest of us can keep on referring to it as football. The American’s may well take notice that one of the favorite games was once played with a football, and that was basketball.

Football Fitness

Now that technology has entered nearly all sports and not just football, it is possible to monitor nearly everything about a match. Players are singled out individually by technology to see how they perform. On average during a game, professional players run over nine and a half kilometers, making it a truly energetic sport. There are of course breaks when the ball goes out of play, but I don’t think we can begrudge a 10k runner for having a breather!

The Beautiful Game

The legendary player Pele is recognized for first calling football the beautiful game. And although he regularly talked about football as being the beautiful game there is some doubt to whether he coined the expression. It does not really matter, we all know what Pele was referring to when he uttered that comment. He was talking about the skill, passion and enthusiasm that football brings, and how it entertains billions of people in the world today.

Pakistan – The Home of the Ball

A quirky but very true fact is that over eighty percent of all footballs are made in Pakistan. For a cricket loving nation this seems a little bizarre but it is perfectly true.

The Biggest Stadiums

There are some spectacular football stadiums in the world, venues that have hosted some of the greatest football matches that have been played. Their very names conjure up images of great goal scorers, famous rivalries, and passionate crowds.

The Camp Nou, San Siro, Wembley, FNB Soccer City, Estadio Azeteca, Bernabeu are just some of the legendary stadiums around the world that are dedicated to football. But what will probably amaze you is that the largest football stadium in the world is in North Korea, known as the Rungrado May Day Stadium and it can hold over 114,000 supporters. These facts just touch the fringes of some of the amazing things football has been responsible for, and long may football keep breaking records and setting even more new incredible facts for us to peruse.