Football for Everybody?

O jogo bonito, is Portuguese, and translated is means the beautiful game. Although nobody is actually accredited with first calling football this, it is widely regarded that the phrase is connected to the great Brazilian player Pele. This simple phrase describes the beauty of football as a sport when it is played at the highest level. And in some matches the skill of truly great players is sometimes breathtaking. These masters of the art of playing football can do things with a ball that most average players could only dream of.

But football is not only for the great and the elite, it was founded as a working man’s game and still is very much a sport of the people. It can bring people from vastly different backgrounds and places together to join in a team-based game.

Who Can Play?

Football does not discriminate, old or young, male or female, creed or color, football does not care, it accepts all. And everybody can play this wonderful sport, and almost anywhere. All you need is a ball and you have a game, anything can act as the goals from jumpers, to old boxes. This is the beauty of football, it accepts all and does not restrict anybody. Teams can be made up of all ages and different sexes, and any numbers can play. Football is the most played game in the world, and is played absolutely everywhere.

Kids Football

There are many kids leagues all over the world, and it is a great sport for your kids to mix and form new friends. It also gets your kids out of the house and away from their video games and the TV. It does not matter if your kids are toddlers, nothing is more natural than to kick a ball and chase after it, even pets love doing it. Although kid’s leagues are fairly strict dividing age groups, when kids play with their friends then all ages can play together and have fun.

Veterans Football

Football is enjoyed by many players over sixty, and veterans football is very much alive and kicking (excuse the pun). There are veteran’s leagues all over the world and many veteran teams tour other countries. It is a way to swap cultures and meet new friends that without football you would never have encountered.

Women’s Football

Women’s football today is almost as strong as the men’s game. The growth of women playing football has been amazing. In countries such as America, the women’s game is on a par with the men’s, in terms of the amount of players and the spectators going to watch. Since 1988, there has even been a women’s World Cup, which has gone from strength to strength since the inaugural event. Women have certainly taken football to their hearts and there are some very talented female players today earning very good money by playing football.

The big attraction of football is that anyone can play, and you don’t need special equipment to play it. All that is needed is a ball and you have a game, so the answer to our question, is that football can be played by everybody.