4 Incredible Stories of How the Losing Football Team Was Treated

The failure of the national football team is always a disaster for thousands of fans. We only hear the stories of the winners, but the losers remain in the shadows. There are often cases where a national team is condemned because losing is a shame. However, there have been and sadly ended cases in history.

4 Incredible Stories of How the Losing Football Team Was
4 Incredible Stories of How the Losing Football Team Was


In 2013, the national team of China lost against Thailand 1: 5. Fans were feeling humiliated, as a result, they blocked the bus with the players and sent them their terrible curses. When the bus finally managed to break out, the huge riots broke out. The leader of the main political party of China finally realized that change was needed in football.

Soon, two former presidents of the Chinese Football Federation and a former captain of the national team were imprisoned for more than 10 years. Four other players of the national team were imprisoned for up to 6 years. The referee Liu Yong who as twice titled as the best referee in Asia and worked at the 2002 World Cup faced the death penalty.

North Korea

The defeat of the North Korean national team at the 2010 World Cup in South Africa became the basis for the arrest of the head coach of the national team. According to media reports, the coach Kim Jong-Hun was sent to a concentration camp, where he had to work hard 14 hours a day. The ruling party decided that the coach committed the offense by losing to Portugal 0: 7. Kim Jong-hung admitted that everything was his personal mistake to rescue the players of the national team because they were about to be shot. The end of this story is not clear as this country has a restricted and censored media.

El Salvador and the Republic of Honduras

When Honduras lost to the eternal principal rival the national football team of El Salvador, a real war happened. In a month, the football teams of both countries had to play twice to compete for a place in the final qualifiers for the World Cup of 1970. The matches in both countries of Salvador and Honduras were accompanied by massive riots and human deaths. On June 29, 1969, El Salvador began mobilizing the military troops. Despite the short duration of the war, officially this war lasted only six days, the conflict was extremely harmful for both sides as more than three thousand people were killed.

Soviet Union

The football match at the Olympics of 1952 between USSR and Yugoslavia was very important for Joseph Stalin. The commander of the USSR wanted to teach and humiliate the despotic commander of Yugoslavia Josip Broz Tito. The match ended in a draw 5: 5. The Russians lost the second match in Tampere and the result was 1: 3. When the footballers of USSR team returned home, they were faced with two instructions from the Kremlin: first, the dissolution of the CDSA team (the club’s players were on the basis of the national team), and the imprisonment of some players and national team coach Boris Arkadyev.